Saturday, September 8, 2007

Big Digg

Well, this is a funny thing for the first post of this blog, but...

This is what I hate about Digg's comment system. It uses WAAAAAY too much vertical space for the stuff around the comments, rather than the comments themselves. In this view, there are 14 lines of comments. And there are 18 "lines" (which are almost 2 times the hight of the comment lines) of stuff in between, including the blue and gray headers and the "reply to" stuff. That is about 1/3 devoted to the comments, and 2/3 devoted to the other stuff.

They should have some minimalist stuff surrounding the comments, like a little icon next to it that brings up a menu... Perhaps I could write a new interface to Digg that did this, but I am busy doing other things, and I figure they have some smart people there too.

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